Executive Compensation

Our employee benefit lawyers are skilled at assisting clients through the maze of interconnected tax, ERISA and securities regulation governing executive compensation and nonqualified deferred compensation arrangements.

Employment Agreements
We regularly review, negotiate and draft individual employment, severance, change-in-control and non-competition agreements.

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation & Equity Arrangements
We counsel clients on the design, implementation and administration of a wide variety of elective and non-elective equity and cash based executive compensation plans. Our nonqualified plan practice consists of designing, implementing and administering deferred compensation plans, excess benefit plans and supplemental executive retirement plans (SERPs), commonly referred to as top-hat plans.

Life, Health and Other Welfare Benefits
Our group also has significant experience advising on the structure, design and taxation of life, health and other welfare benefit arrangements. This includes the application of the nondiscrimination rules as well as post-employment health benefits.

Perquisites and Other Fringe Benefits
We provide counsel on the provision, negotiation and taxation of perquisites as well as other fringe benefits such as company-provided transportation