Alternative Dispute Resolution

We are uniquely suited to offer the creativity and experience that it takes to make alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation, successful.

Routinely we provide advice to private and public unions on all aspects of arbitration and mediation. This includes pre-filing advice such as designing and evaluating disputed issues and resolution procedures as well as advocating during the process and challenging resolutions.


When disagreements cannot be resolved, we are skilled at enforcing agreement terms in voluntary and involuntary arbitration.

Our arbitration experience covers such major topics as discipline and discharge, job elimination and layoffs, bargaining-unit placement, overtime pay, pay differentials, supervisors doing bargaining-unit work, holiday pay, transfers, promotions, subcontracting and drug testing.


In addition to advocating our clients’ positions in arbitration proceedings, we are highly experienced in dispute resolution through the use of neutral mediators and fact finders.

We routinely serve as negotiators or as strategists during mediations. We also assist unions in analyzing and interpreting collective bargaining agreements and other relevant documents.